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The $30,000 Dollars Recipe for a Former World Champion.

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

In 2019 After a devastating defeat in September, Jeff Horn finally avenged a win in a rematch against Michael Zeraffa through points in a unique battle never seen in Australian boxing before. Two out of three judges were in favour of Horn, giving him a score of 98-90 and 97-92.

The last Judge gave to the context a draw score that at this stage I am still wondering what fight was he watching?.

The end result of the fight and how Jeff looked was clearly showing the results of a proper preparation, including his physical and mental training. According to Jeff and his team prior to the first fight against Zeraffa, his lack of commitment and poor diet lead Jeff to a big loss and wake up call for him & his team.

Jeff Horn and Dan Hernandez

In my opinion, there are a few things that you can't ignore when competing at the highest level and this applies for any sport or job.

When running my own business & developing personal chef brand, I received an email application form saying that “ there was an interest from a sports management team & a professional boxer/athlete to hire me as a personal chef for his upcoming fight. I replied straight away, if you don’t know, I live and breath sports, especially boxing as it’s part of my lifestyle so I didn't hesitate to organise a meeting with them to find out how I could do my part in this story.

I barely remember the exactly day when we first met but I do remember that wasn't enough time waste and we had to start straight away as the fight was around the corner we had something like 9 or 10 weeks before that fight, so had a conversation with his team, from management team, his Dad, his nutritionist and myself. I was introduced to Jeff and I had the opportunity to explain how my service works and how precise and tailored this could be as I do believe that “ the better we fuel our bodies the better we perform and this isn't just for sports.”

The very next day I got in contact with his nutritionist and we started with his diet, working from a commercial kitchen we started it. Went from making granola from scratch with organic nuts to wild sea food such as white fish, octopus, organic meats & poultry, complex carbohydrates & organic vegetables, everything was designed and specifically weighted, prepare and packed with a high tech sealer vac machine to keep the meals fresh and cleaned, getting ready his Breakfast , snacks, lunches, dinners 7 days a week for over 9 weeks constantly changing his meal plan as his training vary from week to week wasn't an easy task.

As humans we all judge and comment about others without really understanding the reality of it. There are lot of things going on behind the scenes for certain things in life and let me tell you one, boxing is not a one man only sport and this is my personal opinion specially after I witness the amount of people that were close to Jeff including his family, training team, coaches, nutritionist, friends, chiropractor, physiotherapist, management team, sponsors and fans is really fair to say that he had a whole team behind him and I was glad to be part of that team as Dan Hernandez his Personal Chef.

Click the link if you want to know more about Jeff Horn Former world champion and the preparation for this fight.

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