From the get go, Dan's attention to finer details in cooking were recognised and he quickly earned his place working in some of Brisbane's finest established restaurants. Early on in his career Dan was offered a position at Fix Wine Bar and Restaurant under renowned Brisbane chef Andrew Lincoln. Not long after establishing himself as a restaurant chef in Brisbane, Dan worked as a sous chef at Spanish Restaurant "Gordita", under the guidance of talented international chefs Alfonso Ales from Seville & head chef David Blanquez from Zaragosa in Spain. 


Despite his success as a restaurant chef, Dan quickly noticed something missing in food culture in Australia. Where in many cultures, food is about lifestyle. Enjoying large feasts, to drink and dine and dance over hours, in Australia, food has become more about price, speed & convenience and as a result, quality and authenticity are being overlooked. 

The Dan Hernandez business came about, through Dan's pursuit to provide, delicious, healthy, real food, that give people back the lifestyle they deserve. Through his ability to provide a convenient alternative to bulk, cheap, food-like products, Dan now has the privilege of working along side professionals, families and businesses to bring enjoyment, health and convenience through food.


The Dan Hernandez philosophy is that despite our busy lives food should be appreciated, enjoyed and can be used as tool to bring people together. Our fast paced lives mean we don't always get the chance to sit back and enjoy the finer things in life, but Dan Hernandez makes this possible for you.

We choose to use the freshest ingredients, combined with some international flavours and methods. We have recognised that quality reaches all the way from how produce is grown, to how it is cooked in order to retain it's flavour and benefits. We aim to use simple, yet refined cooking techniques that not only give you great tasting food, but also allow meals to stay fresher naturally without the use of preservatives. Unlike other private chef or catering businesses, Dan Hernandez doesn't provide a menu to choose from, rather we create meals based on our clients preferences and needs, that aim to highlight real flavours.






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Brisbane | Queensland

ABN 32 323 271 962